Trendi knjižničnih zbirk in storitev v hrvaških zaporih

  • Sanjica Faletar Tanacković
  • Dunja Marija Gabriel
  • Martina Dragija Ivanović,
Ključne besede: Hrvaška, zapori, knjižnice, knjižnične zbirke, knjižnične storitve


Purpose: Article presents findings from a study which investigated the state of library collections and services in Croatian prisons. 
Study was conducted April through June 2019 with the help of anonymous survey. The whole population (23 correctional institutions) were included in the study. Valid response was obtained from 22 institutions.
Paper presents the most recent data about library collections and services of Croatian prison libraries, the organization (funding, collection building, staff, space, programming etc.) and their use. Also, insight into prison staff's perception about the importance of reading and prison libraries in general, is given.

Research limitations: Difficulties with personal contact with respondents and the limitations that are inherent to the quantitative methodology used.

Originality and value: Study presents important findings about the state of prison libraries in Croatia. Based on their comparison with previous studies and IFLA Guidelines for library services for prisoners, recommendations are made for the development of Croatian prison libraries according to the international best practices.

Kako citirati
Faletar TanackovićS., GabrielD. M., & Dragija Ivanović,M. (2022). Trendi knjižničnih zbirk in storitev v hrvaških zaporih. Knjižnica, Revija Za področje Bibliotekarstva in Informacijske Znanosti, 66(1-2), 75-104.